SERIS® Smart Analytics

Leveraging on internal and external data sources, crowd intelligence and social analytics, SERIS® Smart Analytics helps governments and enterprises analyse, understand and assist with decision making through the use of sophisticated analytical systems with automation capabilities.  

From external sources such as unstructured internet content to internal organisational file servers and email exchanges, the solution provides actionable insights from data gathered to improve services, policies and initiatives, and facilitates evidence-based decisions.

Organisations can also monitor and obtain insights from trending topics on social media platforms and smart devices, allowing for timely and informed decisions especially in fast-changing situations.

  1. Large-scale data gathering and intelligence processing to help organisations improve efficiency and decision making capabilities
  2. Monitor trending topics and issues for informed decisions and proactive responses
  3. Sentiment analysis for organisations to understand and respond appropriately to issues in any dynamic environment


Intelligent Detection of Persistent Port Scanning

The cyber threat landscape of Enterprise Information Ecosystems is vast and ever-changing. Cyber threat is becoming a key concern to organisations and individuals.

Focusing on resilience against cyber-attacks, CyberPrism enables organisations to collect, analyse, identify and monitor security threats in their environment within a single integrated product. With our analytics modules, cyber security defenders will be better equipped to plan, prevent and respond to threats and incidents effectively.

Key Benefits:

  1. Provide enhanced cyber analytics capabilities to Security Operations Center (SOCs) through event correlation and contextualisation over greater time and space.
  2. Detect anomalies and deliver shorter time-to-insight to the         health of the Enterprise Information Ecosystems.
  3. Secure state-of-the-art indigenous product with flexibility and scalability that addressses cyber threats holistically. Thoroughly reviewed and tested for the protection of an organisation’s critical and valuable assets.

Gaining knowledge and insight into what threats are on the horizon improves defences against possible attacks. If you would like to sign up for a free trial of CyberPrism, please click here.

Solution Applications

Smart Analytics for Governments & Enterprises

Holistic knowledge gathering and intelligence processing, for timely and informed decision-making

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CyberPrism for Governments and Enterprises

Gain actionable insights into the cyber threats on the horizon for enhanced business resiliency and agility.

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