SERIS® Public Safety

Having a robust, flexible and secure emergency response solution has become top priority for homeland security agencies and healthcare institutions to better manage complex and time-sensitive emergencies.

Designed for multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional agencies, SERIS® Public Safety comprises a fully integrated Incident Command & Control System, Computer-Aided Despatch, Contact & Video Management, Crime & Criminal Recording and Hazmat Incident Management suite of solutions.

Governments, agencies and first responders are able to respond quicker and smarter to threats, as well as protect and prepare citizens with a focus on three key areas:

  1. Emergency response management for the safety and security of communities
  2. Intelligence and analysis for swift and effective decision making in real time
  3. Communication and collaboration for greater citizenry engagement with government agencies




Swift Emergency Response for Smart and Safe Cities

The Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution facilitates inter-agency collaboration. Save more lives with agile and effective emergency response.

Save more lives with agile and effective emergency response.

Key benefits:

  1. Rapid intelligent dispatch starting from call taking to emergency response
  2. Coordinated communication across public safety agencies
  3. Accurate, dynamic picture for optimal resource allocation
  4. Lower infrastructure costs and simpler application management through software-as-a-service

Solution Applications

Emergency Response System

Faster and more effective fire rescue & ambulance services to every citizen, where every second counts.

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Civil Police System

Swifter response to incidents of crime to make cities and communities safer, for greater peace of mind.

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Crime and Criminal Records System

Empower police to capture, manage and integrate crime and criminal records in a country to reduce crime and make communities safer

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Hazmat Incident Management System

Enhancing agencies’ effectiveness in managing and responding to Hazmat Incidents

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Automatic Fingerprint Identification System

Technology breakthrough in criminal identification and registration with AFIS.

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