Developed for city planners and urban development authorities, SERIS – Smart City solves city challenges and integrates agile systems that sustain future growth.

Our advanced sensing and visualisation technologies unify disparate systems onto an integrated solution with incorporation of static and real-time city data, to maximise interoperability. SERIS – Smart City strengthens cross-agency collaboration to enhance city operations.

Built upon an intelligent sensor grid and citizens as sensors, the solution engages communities, allows citizens to report issues quickly, and government agencies to rectify issues promptly through public infrastructure, broadcasts, web and mobile applications platforms. Governments can improve the delivery of citizen services in the realms of infrastructure, transportation, education, healthcare, utilities, public safety, government and the environment.

SERIS – Smart City comprises Water Management and Airports sub-systems where operations and resources are optimised via a collaborative platform, and supports in the reliable delivery of public utilities and airport services.

  1. Delivers an unprecedented level of city management and interaction to improve the delivery of citizen services and make cities more livable
  2. Empowers citizens and municipalities to ensure greater social, economic and environmental sustainability
  3. Offers a comprehensive operations overview to improve airport and utilities efficiencies and responsiveness with enhanced service excellence


Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a central role in the transformation of Smart Cities, leveraging ubiquitous connectivity, analytics and big data to anticipate and address challenges brought about by rapid urbanisation. Towards this, Internet of Things (IoT) Centre of Excellence has been established to focus on building organisational capabilities and generating innovative products and services.



Illustration of PinRES Tracking

This solution enables organisations with the ability to track resources real-time, thus permitting anticipatory planning and management as well as to facilitate just-in-time activation and allocation. A common operating picture also facilitates collaboration and quick responses to emergencies or unplanned incidents.

Key Benefits

  1. Ability to track seamlessly from outdoor to indoor
  2. Optimise utilisation by tracking and managing
  3. Anticipate bottlenecks and analyse long term trends
  4. Improve customer satisfaction

The solution will find applications in Public Safety; in large and complex operations such as airports and hospitals; as well as in supply chain management, tracking high value assets. 



Illustration of SensSecure – Enterprise Smart Lock Management System

This is a proprietary commercial product created to virtualise the physical key, thus transforming the traditional lock into a digital smart lock which can only be locked or unlocked via a Smartphone; supported by a mobile app, Bluetooth-enabled Android or IOS and Enterprise Management Software.

  1. Solves complex and often laborious task of managing physical keys and locks
  2. Resolves perennial issues regarding loss, duplication as well as unauthorised access.
  3. Enhances productivity as there will no longer be a need to manage logistics required with physical keys

Request and approval of access can be made and granted anytime, anywhere.

The SensSecure mobile applications on the Smartphone interact with the Enterprise back-end Server to retrieve authorised virtual keys. All transaction (unlock & lock operations) will be transmitted to backend for central monitoring and reporting.

Solution Applications

Safe City

Creates safer, more secure communities for citizens to live, work and play

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Airport Operating Control System

Improves operational efficiency and passenger services in the dynamic airport environment

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Intelligent Water Management System

Creating eco– enabling ICT solutions for cities to be more sustainable and efficient

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Air Traffic Control Simulator

Providing realistic air traffic and airspace training environment to tackle situations more efficiently.

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SensSecure Smart Lock

Moving towards the IoT way of managing Padlocks.

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