SERIS - Maritime

With the rising trend of transnational threats and illegal activities carried out in open waters, maritime and coastal agencies require smarter, more effective security and surveillance solutions to handle maritime and port coastal issues.

By leveraging on data analytics and geospatial services, the SERIS-Maritime solution is designed to help maritime agencies to manage the open waters and tackle challenges such as illegal entry, foreign vessel intrusion, smuggling, piracy threats and terrorism attacks by sea.

By having a comprehensive real time maritime situation awareness beyond territorial waters, SERIS-Maritime offers the following benefits:

  1. Autonomous and real-time common operating picture for greater maritime vigilance
  2. Emergency rescue and response performed with predictive, secure and reliable tools
  3. Improved anticipatory capability with smart analytics to manage port and border protection, and detect anomalies for early resolution


Solution Applications

Maritime Security & Surveillance System

Discover the unknown in the maritime space, for greater safety and vigilance.

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Container Terminal Management

Fully integrated, automated container-handling system, for greater port efficiency and productivity

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SecurePort System

Safeguarding the port security with quick responses to counter potential threats.

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Combating Piracy And Armed Robbery System

Facilitating better dissemination and exchange of information in case of maritime incidents

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UPCOMING EVENT : 19 – 21 May, IMDEX Asia - Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference